In the series of fairs: the Art Specially!

The month of April is full of fairs. Last week we kicked off at the Creaweekend in Rijswijk. This week we will be at the Art Specially in Nijkerk April 13 and 14. A home game for me, because Nijkerk is around the corner (we live in Almere). It is the first time that I am attending this fair as a retailer. Always exciting: what do you take with you, how much and will it all fit in the car? Who is coming, what kind of audience is there and has what you brought with you been the right choice? This fair is also different, because many workshops and make and takes are given. Also with us! We introduce the Printing press from Robotime, with which you can make your own stamps. That's what I like about those packages: they have a function and you can do something with them. For example, we have the pinball machine with us and the marble track. But there are also clocks and gramophones that just work. I think it's too nice! What are we going to do at the fair? We make a nice ATC card and participation is completely free. And if you want, you can buy a kit and assemble it on the spot. For example, you can assemble the owl pen box in an hour and then you immediately have a nice souvenir of the fair that you can still use! We are in the small hall opposite the terrace, come and visit us!
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