Collection: Everything for albums

Making albums remains a very fun activity. We sell the materials to do this yourself and you can make it as beautiful as you want. Choose an album set, your designer paper and the corners and labels to complete the album. We recommend using bookbinder's linen for the spine and binding. This ensures that the spine is less vulnerable and can carry some of the weight of the pages. Look at bookbinding linen for a nice matching color.

Bookbinding linen is almost indispensable if you want to make albums yourself. It strengthens the spine of the album and gives it a nice look. The material is actually sturdy linen with a paper backing, which makes it easy to glue on grayboard. We have many colors for sale so that you can find a matching color with the paper you use for the album.

We sell it in strips of 10 cm wide by 1 meter. This usually allows you to cover the spine of an album twice. They go very well with the Craft Emotions album packs. Finish it off nicely with book corners and label holders!