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Rolife - Book Nook Shakespeare's Bookstore

Rolife - Book Nook Shakespeare's Bookstore

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In the center of town there is a much-loved retro bookstore called 'Shakespeare's Bookstore'. This magical place attracts all kinds of people, but especially Tom, who is already old. Old Tom is a loyal customer of this bookstore and has spent countless wonderful times here. Every time he enters the bookstore, he is always drawn to the ancient, colorful window display. He likes to sit on a large red velvet sofa in the corner and leaf through books, immersed in classic stories. In the reading corner of the bookstore there are several scrolls with literary classics. Whenever Tom feels tired, he takes a cup of fragrant coffee, rubs his eyes, admires the vibrant greenery, and then takes a nap. Old Tom also likes to browse the bookshelves, all of which are stocked with different types of books, making it easy for him to find his favorite reading material. In one corner is a small storage cupboard, containing several rare items. He always enjoys looking for treasure there. For Tom it is not only a bookstore, but also a time tunnel that takes him back to the past.

Easy insertion mounting process
It is easy for beginners to complete in 3 hours and great for family bonding and interaction. Stickers are included for easier installation, without glue or cutting.

Replica of France's iconic bookstore
It features a full-frame housing and partially transparent walls. Decorate it with a blind box figurine for better effect.

Touch lighting design
It is designed with a bright, warm light, which serves as a charming interior piece.

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