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Gel Press

Gel Press - Brayer

Gel Press - Brayer

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Hard rubber brayer - 6 inches / 15.24 cm

With an ink roller (brayer) from Gel Press you can easily monoprint without using a press. This ink roller is the ideal tool to distribute these paint materials evenly and evenly over a gelli plate. It works just like a regular paint roller and distributes ink and paint evenly over surfaces. This can be done in two ways. Dip the brayer through the paint and spread it over the printing plate, or put the ink directly on the mat and then spread it evenly over it.

Such a mat is made of a jelly-like material, which is used to make images with ink or paint. Then place a piece of paper or cardboard on the mat and rub the back of it to 'print' the image onto it. Et voilà, a monoprint with beautifully distributed colors! The package contains 1 ink roller of 10.16 centimeters. Thanks to the rubber material, it is easy and easy to clean. It can also be used on uneven surfaces, just be careful with the material to avoid indentations in the soft surface.

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