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Gel Press

Gel Press • Gel Printing Plate Rectangle 20.32x25.4cm

Gel Press • Gel Printing Plate Rectangle 20.32x25.4cm

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With the gel printing plate from Gel Press you can make beautiful prints on cardstock, craft paper or fabrics. You do this by applying paint to the printing plate and then spreading it with a roller or brush. Create patterns in the paint with stencils, stamps, brushes, spatulas, stencils or a texture comb. When you have achieved the desired result, place your paper or textile on the gel printing plate and press it firmly, so that the paint adheres to the material. When you peel off the paper or fabric, your print is ready.

Create beautiful backgrounds for stationery, posters, labels and paintings, design your own design for cushion covers or canvas bags or use the prints for scrapbooking, card making, art journaling, mixed media or bullet journaling. Give free rein to your creativity with this printing technique and mix patterns and colors in multiple layers on the printing plate, or print different layers one by one on your material. This rectangular one is 20.32 x 25.4 cm. The plate is easy to keep clean with soap and water.

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