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Vaessen Creative

Mini cutting + embossing machine Vaessen

Mini cutting + embossing machine Vaessen

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The handy Vaessen Creative Cut Easy Mini cuts effortlessly through all kinds of craft materials, from sturdy paper to thin foam. The machine is suitable for all types of cutting dies (with the exception of the large Sizzix Bigz Dies). You can also use the Cut Easy to create a beautiful 3D effect with embossing folders. Before you get started, secure the mini cutting and embossing machine to your table by pushing the small pink lever down. Start with one plate as a base: to punch, use the black cutting plate on the bottom. Place your material of choice on this, for example paper, with the cutting template on top. Finally, add the base plate. Then place the complete stack into the Cut Easy and turn the handle to move it through the machine as one piece.

Do you use a cutting die that also allows you to emboss? In that case you can use the silicone mat as a second layer in the stack. Run the whole thing through the machine for a beautiful embossed result. Embossing with an embossing folder is done as follows: start with the embossing plate, slide the paper between the embossing folder and place it on the plate. Add the base plate as a final layer. With the Cut Easy you can punch detailed figures from paper, cardstock, foil, thin sheets of cork or foam and more. Create depth in your cards and make the most beautiful crafts by combining different materials. View the supplied manual and/or the product video for all applications.

The Cut Easy Mini includes the following items:

  • 1 mini cutting and embossing machine
  • 1 base plate (2137-045)
  • 1 cutting plate (2137-045)
  • 1 embossing plate (2137-045)
  • 1 silicone mat (2137-040)
  • 4 cutting dies (star, heart, circle and hexagon)
  • 1 embossing folder (dots)
  • Manual

The plates will eventually need to be replaced and are therefore also available separately.

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