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Tonecheer - Punk Bar Desk Bin

Tonecheer - Punk Bar Desk Bin

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Beautiful precision: wooden 3D puzzle punk bar from Tonecheer

Copper gears, pipes, nuts and bolts? That totally smacks of the unique aesthetic of steampunk! With elements of the Victorian era, you will find retro-futurism in your new punk bar; the alternate history that combines steam power technology with the Victorian era. In this imaginative wooden building kit for adults you will find wooden doors and shutters that can open, but also a technical tour de force. The lid of your desk waste bin opens when it moves!

Steampunk crafting with moving elements

This model building has no steam power of course. But it even has LED lights to illuminate the sign. We take crafting with wood to a new level. You press the pre-painted pieces out of plates and click them together. In addition to being a trash can, it can also serve as a storage bin for pens and your mouse.

Now put this miniature construction kit in your basket and start enjoying crafts for adults!

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