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Robotime Airplane

Robotime Airplane

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Rolife miniature construction kit airplane Red Baron

Now that's fun. Combining your hobby with history. Rolife has made a wooden construction kit of the world-famous Fokker triplane that was flown by the Red Baron. Von Richthofen was a German pilot in the First World War, you can see it in the logo in the tail. You only see the ribs of your wooden plane with a real working propeller, which makes it a beautiful piece of decoration.

Adults take crafts to a new level

The 145 parts of this wooden model kit are suitable for all levels of model builders. You remove the puzzle pieces from wooden plywood panels and put them together using a smart system of mortise and tenon connections. The construction drawing is clearly numbered and actually crafting with wood speaks for itself. It works very easily because the accuracy is very good. The pieces are pre-cut with laser.

Wooden model construction with included show stand

We will provide you with one as standard. You can display your aircraft here, but you can also choose to place the aircraft of about twenty centimeters on its tail tip and wheels. Now the question is of course whether you are going to paint your wooden construction kit red like the Red Baron or leave it natural. Whatever you do, we are one hundred percent sure that you will be very proud of the result. Or perhaps your child is very proud, because this craft kit for adults can also be made by older children.

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