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Rolife - Book Nook Garden House

Rolife - Book Nook Garden House

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This model garden shed from Rolife will change your life forever!

What exactly is a book nook? That is a scene that tells its own story and that you can place among your books on your bookcase. This book nook “Gardenhouse” tells you the story of relaxing in a cozy conservatory. Taking care of plants and sitting relaxed in your vintage rocking chair with checked cushion, enjoying a good book and the benefits of the always warm greenhouse. You have taken off your red rain boots and in the blue chest of drawers you can store your tulip bulbs or tools in the open drawers.

Book nook miniature construction kit for adults and craft kit for children

But how does this change my life forever? Now, this is one of the coziest book nooks around Rolife! If you haven't started model building yet, you won't be able to stop after this wonderfully detailed wooden building kit. You will really enjoy crafting. Everything you see, you made yourself, even the conservatory, the steps to the yellow arched door and the balcony. It works very easily. We will provide you with wooden plates from which you print parts, stickers and transfer patterns. You don't need any glue, everything is put together with mortise and tenon joints. That's also super sustainable!

Making miniature houses with wood

The box also contains everything you need to connect the LED lighting with touch button. You don't have to be an electrician for this, we have also put this together in such a way that you can easily assemble it. Because it is all so easy, adults and children make this craft wooden building kit with all its lovely flowers put together in one afternoon.

Do you put it between your books and then close the window? Because yes, the window can really be opened and closed! You can also put your model making wood in a display case.

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