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Rolife - Cathy's flower house

Rolife - Cathy's flower house

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Construction kit for adults, fun crafts with Cathy's flower greenhouse

Cathy enjoys. She strolls wonderfully through her flower greenhouse. The smell of flowers greets her and also the smell of turpentine. Turpentine in a flower greenhouse? Yes, because Cathy paints her artwork there. She uses the flowers as inspiration. Plants and cacti are also part of her 'muses' that she immortalizes on canvas. She mindlessly strokes her work from yesterday, the paint is dry. Today she will do some finishing touches. In her somewhat chaotic garden shed, Cathy waters her plants with an authentic watering can, sows some flower boxes and removes some dead leaves from her plants. She quickly checks to see if there are any eggs in the birdhouse, but it is still empty. She takes another deep breath and leaves her mini paradise behind to return later in the day.

Make a miniature construction kit from Cathy's chaos

Can you work in a structured way? Then you will bring order to Cathy's chaos. To help you with this, we will provide you with: batteries for the LED lighting, glue, white latex, white paint, tweezers and a brush. Actually everything you need is included. You can create the flora in Cathy's Flower House from pre-printed paper, colored moss and real miniature flower pots, including a hole plant! You cut the leaves from patterns yourself and the 'glass' is easily bent into the right shape for the conservatory. Unfold, put the tabs together and you're done. You can make the blue, weathered panel door yourself from pre-printed paper. Ready? We take adult crafts to a new level!

Wooden building kit with five stars

One of the most sought-after craft sets from the Rolife DIY miniature houses is this Cathy's Flower House for the 3D puzzle hobby. The details are great and you don't know where to look. Use all your creativity and make more items yourself! Extra: this wooden model is very lovely in the dark, because the LED light shines romantically through the 'glass'.

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