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Robotime - Hot air balloon

Robotime - Hot air balloon

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DIY hot air balloon crafting from Robotime

Hot for sure, because your brand new hot air balloon rises higher and higher, even above the clouds. Your balloon basket is equipped with the characteristic sandbags, which the balloonist can release to gain more height. We think the meteorologists are wrong about that layer of dust on your car, it could just be sand from hot air balloons! In the basket is the burner with 3D flames that appear to be dancing. And you will build this beautiful wooden construction kit.

Crafting with wood, the new knitting

Many ladies used to knit in the evening. Then the smartphone took over the evening and now it is the craft kits for adults, because Robotime DIY is super fun to do as a hobby and not just for women! The benefit lies in the details of this Robotime construction kit. For example, the guy wires that connect the balloon to the basket are beautifully decorated. Eight elegant bows hang at the bottom of the balloon and the flag is on top.

Wooden model making hip and hot!

This kit can be made by anyone. It is not difficult and that is because you do not have to saw yourself. You simply click them out of plywood sheets and then slide them together without glue. Always press the pieces together at the connection points. If you press on the ends it can break. If they don't slide together smoothly, sand the ridge a little with the sandpaper we added.

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