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Robotime Merry-go-round

Robotime Merry-go-round

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Model making wood, the Rolife fairground carousel

The very first carousels were quite different from what you are used to today. In the past, a merry-go-round was actually a "merry-go-round". There were ropes hanging from four horizontal windmill blades, around which four people ran fast, climbed the ropes and were then spun around. Your wooden carousel, however, is much more advanced and has four stylized horses that move around when you move your mechanical merry-go-round.

Also for beginners wooden model building

Crafting with wood is becoming more and more fun thanks to laser technology. We have laser engraved the typical fairground decorations in your fairground carousel. And of course there is a waving flag on top of the roof of your carousel. Also laser processed. The pieces of this 3D puzzle are all that and that is why you push them out of the wooden plates so easily. Because they are so accurate, this craft kit for adults is easy to assemble. Read on to find out how…

Wood construction kit ideal for making together

You assemble your merry-go-round from twelve segments, with the exception of the four horses. Because you often repeat the same action while building this DIY kit, you can easily make it with several people. Moreover, we make it easy for you with a clear construction drawing. This drawing contains figures with numbers that correspond to the numbering on the wooden plates. Please note: the bars of the horses are fragile.

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