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ROKR - Prime steam express

ROKR - Prime steam express

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Robotime miniature construction kit sturdy steam express locomotive

When we say: coal wagon, steam boiler, steam whistle? What do you say then? If you say: a steam locomotive, you are absolutely right! You will assemble this construction kit for adults of a train locomotive all by yourself. And we are sure that you will really enjoy all the details you build on it, such as the opening lid of the coal truck, the cool snow plow at the front and the lifelike firebox. Even the scissor mechanism of the drive rods is detailed. Want to know more about this craft package for adults? Read on quick!

ROKR construction kit of 30 centimeters long!

We will give you sandpaper, wooden plates and a construction drawing. No more? Nope, that's all! The plates contain more than three hundred parts. These are pre-cut with a laser beam. All you have to do is press these puzzle pieces out of the plates. You polish the break-off points neatly smooth and follow the numbering in the manual and put the pieces together. You will enjoy this for about four hours. When you couple the coal wagon behind your locomotive, you can sit back with satisfaction!

Vintage decoration wooden building kit train

Not only are our construction kits for adults incredibly cool to make, they are also incredibly cool to look at. With such a retro locomotive you really have a piece of vintage decoration in your home that is immediately an eye-catcher. Our model construction is made of wood. This means that it is made of the best, renewable building material and is therefore very sustainable for the environment. Add to that the fact that you basically don't need any glue and crafting with wood gives you a clear conscience!

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