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Travel with the Wind Book Nook

Travel with the Wind Book Nook

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Hassle-free model building, wooden 3D puzzle, Tonecheers travel on the wind

It happens once in your life. You walk on the street in your city, past buildings with beautiful facades, intersections with traffic lights and honking city buses. You just look up for no reason. You will never forget what you see. A floating house with thousands of colorful balloons, just like Mr. Fredrickson's house in the adventure film “Up”. Create your own fairytale with this wooden miniature construction kit!

Wooden model making as an art form between your books

Because that's a book nook. An artistic diorama that enlivens your bookcase. Of course you can also place it separately. You will make this construction kit for adults by sliding pre-painted pieces and LED lights together. You don't even need glue! This way you can make sustainable crafts with wood.

Opt for a life without boundaries, put your balloon building kit in your basket and float along with the world of miniature houses.

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